Revamping ‘Call of Duty: MW3’ – A Community’s Rewrite

Armed with humor and creativity, Call of Duty fans share their unique MW3 plot twists on a popular internet forum.

Recently, there’s been a buzz within the ‘Call of Duty’ community about how the plot of the third installment of the franchise’s iconic Modern Warfare series, MW3, could be reshaped. Sparked off by a post by Overall_Spite4271 suggesting plot changes, a flurry of subsequent responses have since provided unique takes on how scenarios could be wholly reimagined.


  • Top suggested changes include the reintroduction of the Rangers, Soap and Price proving their innocence post-Shepherd incident.
  • Some fans favor a darker, Abramian approach with characters meeting unexpected fates.
  • Other gamers seek an entire overhaul of the third installment due to dissatisfaction with its campaign.
  • Several users had constructive suggestions for gameplay improvements like restructuring the MW3 engine and modifying kill streaks.

Unique Perspectives

CaptainPriceMW2007, pulling at heartstrings, suggested a major twist of fate where ‘Price dies instead of Soap’. Banthetanman, on the other hand, offered a nihilist ending with the comedic punchline, ‘Everyone dies. THE END.’

Sweeping Changes

Among fans like Theunkn0wndarkn3ss, there is a longing for a completely new MW3. As they expressed, the storyline lacked appeal and was ‘pretty boring’. Playerlsaysr69 presented a time traveler’s revision, which included an upgrade to the MW3 engine and the addition of unique story elements.

More Than Prep Talk

ThroughWaterandFire not only shared their input but linked to an elaborate ‘Call of Duty: World War III’ script they had previously drafted. Meanwhile, Varsity_Reviews proposed the need to revamp the preceding Modern Warfare game for a more impactful third installment redo.

All said and done, the ‘Call of Duty’ community is more than just gamers. They’re also storytellers, ready to spin into their game everyone from the nihilistic joker to the visionary geek. They’ve proven this by showcasing imaginative ways to add layers of depth, fun, and shock value to ‘Call of Duty: MW3’.