Picking the Best Call of Duty Special Ops Mission: A Community Consensus

We dive into fan favorites for best solo missions in Call of Duty, through the lens of vibrant community discussions.

The exhilarating world of Call of Duty is vast, offering a buffet of incredible solo missions to its legion of dedicated players. A recent discussion centred around memorable special operations missions provided a window into which ones have left the deepest impressions.


  • The diversity of preferences underscores the series’ depth and variety, bestowing unique experiences that resonate differently with each individual.
  • Tactile engagement with the player is a highly prized attribute.
  • Replayability is a key factor shaping fondness for certain missions.

Fan Favourites Revealed

george123890yang kicked off the discussion by nominating ‘The Mile High Club,’ an original special ops mission. Echoing this sentiment, Raven_of_OchreGrove highlighted how the missions ‘Clean House’ and ‘The Mile High Club’ hook him back for countless replays. These missions, according to Raven, imbued players with the feeling of being a ‘true SAS commando.’ Raven’s affinity for the missions, therefore, largely springs from the immersive quality of the gameplay.

The Power of Atmosphere

Several Call of Duty devotees, such as ItsMrDaan, singled out ‘All Ghillied Up’ as a cherished mission contributing to their eagerness to replay the game. This comment shed light on the allure of atmosphere, represented by perfect harmony of the in-game environment and music, a factor that transcends the mere mechanics of gameplay. This allure also sits at the heart of TheNorthman13K’s vote for ‘Clean House’.

Nitty-Gritty Gameplay

Further down the discussion, hilariously named ShaggySyrup and Xill_K47 threw light on the allure of hard-hitting gameplay. The ‘survival mission from MW2’ and ‘third mission from BO3’ or ‘Operation Dark Quarry from IW’ were their choices respectively. For them, adrenaline-fueled missions ramp up the enjoyment quotient. Here, Itchy_Dog9199 chimed in with two chilling words, ‘No Russian,’ making it explicit that some Call of Duty missions terrified as much as excited.

In the sea of varying opinions, SorryThanksGoodFight dropped a valuable nugget of wisdom. Citing ‘Clean House’ and ‘MHC’ as personal favourites, the user hit on an essential truism concerning the Call of Duty series: whether through music-infused action or nerve-wracking stealth missions, the series succeeds by pulling players into its high-stakes world. Much like the title ‘Call of Duty’ suggests, the game compels players to rise to the occasion, to target efficiently and respond aptly, providing memorable encounters that fans yearn to relive, mission after mission, play through after play through.