The Ultimate Guide to Building the Perfect Open-World Fortnite Survival RPG

How to navigate the maze of ideal world scale, Fortnite Creative users debate the perfect open-world survival RPG setup.

The Fortnite community is at it again, this round tackling terrain size in crafting the idyllic survival RPG in Fortnite’s creative mode. A user by the name of Infinite_TrashYT posed a simple yet profound question to his fellow Fortnite enthusiasts that sparked an engaging discussion: ‘would this be too small for an open world survival rpg put prison there for scale?’


  • Users tap into intricacies of game design and principle, acknowledging that different gameplay mechanics warrant different terrains.
  • The game’s central theme impacts the optimum environment size, with explorative games requiring larger maps.
  • Players suggest active play-testing and in-game navigation to gauge the robustness and effectiveness of the map.

Gameplay Mechanics Dictate Map Scale

In response to the query, user HackingDuck delivers the first piece of sage advice. According to HackingDuck terrain features, gameplay mechanics, and overall game vision are the factors to consider when deciding on the map’s size.

Importance of Play-testing and Objectivity

Preserving player interest is equally crucial. As articulated by user pika9867 the value of inherent knowledge of the ground to maintain player engagement cannot be understated. Experiencing and navigating through the terrain in-game can significantly influence the map’s ultimate success or failure.

Maintaining Balance Between Exploration and Combat

Finally, user urh4ue packs a punch with his in-depth critique. His take home message: balance is key, especially between explorative features and combat-oriented gaming. Drawing on their expert gaming wisdom, urh4ue concludes that proper scaling requires a harmonious blend of gameplay mechanics and player engagement — not just size alone.

Simply put, there is no one-size (pun intended!) approach. It’s the artful balancing of gameplay mechanics, player engagement, and creativity that truly crafts a phenomenal Fortnite world.