The Rank-and-File Debate: Call of Duty MW3 Now and Then

Dive into the chaotic world of Call of Duty MW3 (2011) rating controversy from the perspective of fervent community members.

A discussion fueled by a controversial ranking of the Call of Duty MW3 (2011) episode stirred the COD community. The post revolves around a tier list placing MW3 highly, which resulted in a mixed bag of responses, with some players recalling nostalgic experiences while others were not as keen on valuing MW3 above other editions. The argument focuses on concepts of nostalgia versus objective ranking and redesigns ranking lists based on subjective experiences.


  • The ranking of MW3 was considered generous, causing dissent amongst users.
  • Discussions sparked debates between the merits of nostalgia versus objective quality.
  • There is a significant number of player biases rooted deeply in their initial experiences with the game.

Nostalgia or Quality?

Online user RedRoses711 suggested the game’s popularity is more about nostalgia than quality. This idea was echoed by KarlWhale, who argued that the problem wasn’t MW3’s high ranking, but that it was ranked above COD BO and MW2. Despite nostalgic opinions, there seems to be a consensus that the list was chaotically constructed.

Ranking Opposition

Certain members of the online community felt that the rankings were not appropriate. RedRoses711 claims ‘it wasn’t that good’ while awesomedumplings simply says ‘that list is shit regardless‘. This sentiment was shared by Snivinerior2 who added ‘it’s a very generic tier list honestly’.

A Unique Stand

Araujo_236 stood against these popular opinions and defended the ranking of MW3. According to him, MW3 is better than MW2 in terms of its multiplayer component. However, his unique stand didn’t attract many supporters. Deeming MW3 superior to its predecessor remains a contentious point.

Ultimately, this serves as a reminder that subjectivity reigns supreme in personal game experiences. Whether fueled by unwavering nostalgia or an impassioned defense of one’s favorite editions, players’ preference leanings have once again brought a lively discussion to the COD community. So, can we ever objectively rate a game that carries different meanings to each player? The jury, it seems, is still out.”