The Fortnite Rarity Color Conundrum: Players’ Pleas and the Developers’ Trolling

In this article, we’re exploring the Fortnite community’s reactions to the recent changes in rarity colors.

In a recent controversy surrounding the immensely popular game Fortnite, players are voicing concerns over adjustments to rarity colors. Following the restoration of certain rarity colors, albeit in a limited fashion, players have expressed mixed feelings.


  • ComprehensiveBox6911 kickstarts the debate by criticizing the developers’ decision to add rarity colors selectively, accusing them of trolling.
  • warlord_main uses this platform to raise another issue, the inability to shuffle presets.
  • N0t_the_pizza_guy proposes a radical solution – allowing players to create their own categories, asserting that the current system makes specific skin selection inconvenient.

Concerns Over Decision Making Process

TheInfantGobbler voices his disapproval of the developers’ decisions with a succinct comment, reflecting the frustration of many. caleblovell extends on this sentiment, puzzled at how game companies seem to consistently misstep and then withstand criticism, instead of simply amending the criticized changes.

Is It Really That Bad?

The_TF2_Summer_Grill and xShibata don’t seem to think so. Both of them express disappointment with the changes. xShibata even goes as far as calling the developers ‘lazy’. However, Riley8284 offers a more optimistic perspective with his comment, considering the recent update as a step in the right direction, although more needs to be done.

Thoughtful Suggestions and Personal Grievances

Other players take this opportunity to voice out their own suggestions and peeves. LoneShadowMikey appeals for the recognition of higher ranked skins, highlighting the sense of prestige that comes with them. TheMikey2207 agonizingly ponders on the inconsistency in the game design, questioning why some designs are square while others have rounded edges.

The common sentiment among these players revolves around their love for Fortnite, but also an evident frustration over the decisions being made. It reaffirms the notion that while developers are instrumental in creating a game, the players and their feedback contribute massively to its evolution and growth. Here’s hoping that this dialog will push for constructive changes in Fortnite that players can all agree on.