Fortnite Rarities Reinstated: An Excitement Mixed with Disappointment!

Taking a deep dive into Fortnite’s changes on rarities, with a mix of game enthusiast reactions and insights.

The online gaming world, especially denizens of Fortnite, are engaged in fervent discussion after Savage_Hamster_ noted the return of rarities in the game. Reclaiming its crucial role, its reinstatement has sparked a mix of emotions among players.


  • Despite the comeback, some players express dissatisfaction with generic rarities remaining unchanged.
  • Frustration bubbles over the persisting UI issues with the locker.
  • A ray of hope remains, reflecting the desire for more improvements.
  • A few players emerge seemingly satisfied, despite known issues.

What’s Back, What’s Not

Savage_Hamster_ celebrated the return of rarities, expressing relief over the lessened pain of searching for stuff. But not all share this joy outright. Commenter Rifted-06 found normal rarities rather bland and voiced disappointment on the unchanged aspects. A similar sentiment is echoed by Hades-Z, calling the limited reinstatement disappointing.

Locker Protests

While changes ensue, persistent locker issues draw negative feedback. Modifiable sections kept continuously flagging new items, as highlighted by JavierEscuellaFan, which promptly countered his newfound positivity about the game. Others, like Loomling, demand fixing the ‘million other issues’ with the recent redesign.

Glimmer of Optimism

Notwithstanding the issues, some users voiced positive expectations. JavierEscuellaFan expressed that he hasn’t ‘felt this positive about the game since chapter 3’, showing bright spots amid imperfections. PhantomRoyce misread the post as the return of gaming icons, showing eager anticipation for more enhancements.

Don’t write the game off just yet. As Fortnite continues to evolve, so too does the response of its fan base. Remains to be seen whether rarities’ return ends up being the herald for sweeping changes or another tweak in an ever-changing game.