Call of Duty: Players React and Share Personal Tier List Opinions

Call of Duty, fan rankings sparked dynamic discussions; let’s dive into this interestingly opinionated domain of COD players.

Discussion is brewing in the Call of Duty fandom; a personal tier list by player Individual-Serve6394 has everyone talking. A variety of responses filled the comment section, offering both supportive and contradicting views on the ranking.


  • Some found the rankings fair and expressed approval of Individual-Serve6394’s weighting.
  • Others were more critical and questioned his evaluation.
  • A common point of contention was the placement of game title ‘Infinite Warfare’ (IW).

User Reactions

Supportive fans seemed to generally agree with the ranking. A few like (TheNorthman13K) and (TRethehedgehog_2) considered the list ‘valid’ and ‘fair’. Even more complimentary comments rolled in with user (OrcoDio19) calling it ‘one of the best I’ve seen so far’. And, don’t miss out the nod from CelticTiger21 ascribing it ‘very solid’.

The Contrarians

Few objected to Individual-Serve6394’s tier list. Player (Competitive-Deer-596) kept it succinct, opining that it was ‘not that good of a list’. Sometimes, a few words are enough to convey the entire mood!

Infinite Warfare – Yay or Nay?

Discontent mainly revolved around the ranking of ‘Infinite Warfare’. User Ducky935Alt passionately questioned, ‘Why does everyone shit on IW?’. He further justified his point by mentioning that he had played every cod game and found ‘IW’ to be one of the most enjoyable, well on par with ‘Black Ops 2’ and deserving of ‘at least A tier’.

Wherever there’s Call of Duty, there’s a passionate community not far behind. Whether you agree with Individual-Serve6394’s ranking or not, it’s heartening to see the community engaged and sharing their perspectives. From debates about game titles to defending their favorites, the Call of Duty community continues to shine in its diversity and fervor. So, whether you’re a player who’s new to the game or a veteran who’s seen it all, one can’t deny the inviting allure of the game and its ever-evolving community dialogues.