Zen and the art of reaching Genshin Impact’s AR60: What comes next?

AR60 in Genshin Impact: A crossing into never-land or just another step in the Game?

An intriguingly phrased question spiked the curiosity of the community in one of the popular Genshin Impact subreddits: a user called Stalker-Six had just reached the highest Adventure Rank (AR60) and was pondering on what to do next.


  • After reaching max AR, the player can explore a variety of end-game goals.
  • The perception of hitting max AR60 varies among players.
  • Max AR does not equate to the end of the game for all players. It’s just the beginning for some!

Players’ Take: A View From The Top

As posted by Neospanner, reaching AR60 does not signify the end of the game. This is a sentiment echoed by many in the Genshin Impact community. AR rank became less significant after 55, where the final World Level increase occurs. However, the increase in incoming Mora as all AR exp convert into Mora, is a sweet additional perk that some players, like takenusername5001, obviously appreciate.

Outlook: A Sunrise Or A Sunset?

So does reaching AR60 signal a sunrise or a sunset? Nightmare007007 wisely suggested resting and watching the sun rise on a grateful universe. Others suggested leveraging this moment as a sunshine opportunity to explore the available endgame content, aligning with the thoughts of A_Noelle_Main and Do_a_dice_roll.

Jumping Out of the Hamster Wheel?

While some see reaching AR60 as moving into the next chapter of their Genshin Impact gameplay, others see it as an exit point. O4urHaul amusingly suggested leaving to do something productive and return when the next update drops.

Like the game itself, the journey to AR60 is a tapestry of varying player experiences. As one reaches this coveted rank, they find themselves at a crossroad – one path leading to deeper exploration of the game’s offerings, while the other inviting them to take a break and await the game’s next intriguing turn. In short, AR60 in Genshin Impact is not a definitive final destination, but rather a vibrant launch pad for diverse gaming paths and prospects.