Will We Revisit the Classic Call of Duty: Black Ops in a Remastered Version?

Call of Duty fans have expressed a keen wish for a remastered Black Ops game on reddit.

In a playful and passionate discussion, Call of Duty enthusiasts have expressed their ardent wishes for a remastered version of the classic game, Black Ops, believed by many to be the best in the series.


  • Fans are eager for a remastered Black Ops and would pre-order immediately
  • There is a perceived need for quality over quantity in the series
  • Some fans believe other games in the series also deserve to be remastered

Enthusiasm for Black Ops

Both ‘SensitiveSharkk’ and ‘Icy-Computer7556’ are quoted saying that they would ‘pre-order immediately‘ if a remastered version of Black Ops was announced. This speaks volumes about the game’s popularity and the potent nostalgic feelings it evokes among fans.

Quality versus Quantity

Our forum author ‘albertserene’ suggests Activision could benefit from ‘taking a year off to add qualities’ to their main game instead of rushing out with new games, hinting at a leaning towards quality over quantity. A sentiment echoed by a number of gamers who chimed in.

Other Requests

Interestingly, ‘mistersardine1’ expresses a different view, stating a need for a ‘remastered version of Infinite Warfare‘ while another user, ‘djnato10’, suggests that the original Call of Duty 1 and 2 games had the best campaigns, indicating differing opinions within the fandom.

While a remastered Black Ops is clearly a popular venture, it’s clear that the fans’ love for the Call of Duty series isn’t solely confined to it, with other classics in the series also being fondly remembered. With fans eagerly awaiting any new releases, the ball is very much in Activision’s court to deliver a product that satiates these high expectations.