Why Genshin Impact Players are Refusing to Engage with Certain Content

Discussing the varying types of content in Genshin Impact that some players refuse to partake, according to a lively community discussion.

In the vibrant world of Genshin Impact, players get to experience a myriad of activities and quests. From puzzle-solving to Story quests, the community is bustling with chatter over favourite and, not so favourite, content.


  • Certain content like Inazuma puzzles and Story quests are considered tedious and boring by some players.
  • A large chunk of players have professed an apparent distaste for TCG (Trading Card Game).
  • Fishing and Co-op mode also seem to generate some negative sentiment.

Types of Content Met with Resistance

User ‘Cactus-Hero’ kicks off this discussion with a radical disregard for Inazuma puzzles, labelling them as ‘the worst thing imaginable’. This player also expresses disappointment with the Story quests, finding them a ‘terrible bore 90% of the time’. ‘LivingASlothsLife’ lights up the comment section with his peculiar resistance against ‘buddy content and jokes’.

Why the TCG Hate?

A surprising majority of players named TCG as their least favourite activity. ‘Repulsive_Exchange_4’ voices that the co-op aspect of TCG is the true offender, refusing ‘to play against real people’. Another player with the handle ‘Intelligent_Squash68’ points out the excessive time consumption and monotony of TCG, especially as a non-fan of card games.

Runners-up in the Arena of Aversion

Apart from TCG, other content like Fishing and Co-op found opponents too. Fishings gets a dismissive comment from ‘choi-r’ while multiplayer garners criticism from ‘ElGishki’.

It’s fascinating to observe the diversity in interactive experiences that Genshin Impact offers and how players respond so uniquely to each. The discussion throws light on the fact that just like any other game, while Genshin Impact has a lot to offer not all its offerings are equally lauded by the community. This is expected since every gamer has their own preferences and pain points.