Why Epic’s Killer Track, Lost in Fortnite, Has Fans Grooving in Sadness

A comprehensive review of the Fortnite community’s feelings about a legendary song that’s noticeably missing from the game.

Get your popcorn, toss on your comfy gaming socks, and lean back, as we dive into the enigma behind the ‘banger’ that Fortnite can’t bring back, lamented by many in the fan community.


  • Multiple users express regret for not purchasing the track when it was available.
  • There’s a palpable desire for Epic Games to bring back this music pack.
  • Commenters highlight the role of such emotes and music packs in enhancing their gaming experience.

User Thoughts and Sentiments

It’s pretty clear that Fortnite fans are nursing a collective broken heart over this favorite track being unavailable in the game. Some are even kicking themselves for not seizing the chance to snap it up when they had the chance. As Fabulous-Cup-2571 shares, ‘Wish they can bring back the running man music pack, I refunded it back then in 2019, Worst mistake in my entire life.’

Why it Matters

At first glance, it’s easy to think that this hullabaloo is all about a bit of mood music, but it’s more than that. Missing music and emotes strip Fortnite of personalized expressions, a crucial element in player engagement. For instance, toaster69420 had a friend gift them this music pack and illustrates how they had no idea how precious it was as it hasn’t been brought back in so long.

What’s Next?

Moving forward, we can only hope that Epic Games hears the pleas of the players and at least considers revisiting its choice to keep this ‘absolute banger’ off-limits for now. On a more positive note, it’s heartening to see gamers find delight and form fond memories around in-game elements like these, adding layers of experience beyond pure gameplay. As commented by moistahhcrack, ‘Man, I remember grinding the s8 battle pass so I could get another 100 vbucks to get this. Good times.’

In this dance battle of gamers versus developers, one can only hope the developers will switch up their tunes and bring the beat back to Fortnite. It’s clear that while Fortnite keeps the game rolling, it’s these little pieces of art that hold a unique beat in the hearts of the players.