Which Call of Duty Character Deserves Their Own Game? Unearthing Gamer Sentiment

Uncovering who the Call of Duty community believes deserves their own game. The answers might surprise you!

A hot topic within the Call of Duty community has emerged, sparking a vivid conversation centered around a simple, yet profound question: If you could give any COD character their own game, which character should it be?


  • Vibrant discussion thread featuring a multitude of unique perspectives
  • A common theme: characters with untold stories garnering large support
  • Top suggestions: Reznov, Hudson, Menendez

Chronicles of Reznov

User No-Speaker-1534 reminded us that Reznov already had his moment of valor, with gamers playing alongside him in World At War. Yet, the character’s popularity persists, and a more Reznov-centered narrative could offer a vast canvas for the game’s writers. Other community members, like DonAj20, also pitched a full Soviet campaign highlighting Reznov’s story.

The Case for Hudson

The character Hudson from the Black Ops series also surfaced repeatedly. Sardalone describes Hudson as the ‘personification of Black Ops,’ and highlights the character’s crucial role in narrative arcs that assured the survival of Mason’s son. A game based on Hudson might delve deeper into the history and challenges of this understated hero.

Menendez and Others

Another name that popped up was Menendez, proposed by SuspiciousSpirit2887. In addition to that, the gamer community touched on a wide spectrum of characters. Some users like mistersardine1 even managed to bring up Snoop Dogg, providing a hilarious break in the serious discussion.

Whether it’s reprising a character whose tale remains partially untold or diving into a whole new adventure with a lesser-known figure, there’s an undeniable excitement surrounding the potential narrative-focused Call of Duty game. The wide array of characters mentioned in this discussion reiterates the richness of the Call of Duty lore and its potential to spark our collective imagination. As fans continue to discuss and daydream about COD spinoff games, we can only hope that the game developers are listening and that our beloved characters continue their journey in future instalments.