What’s the Real Worth of Fortnite’s Mysterious Emote?

Unveiling the value of Fortnite’s enigmatic emote, & the humorous ways players have decided to quantify it.

The virtual world of Fortnite is no stranger to objects of desire and the latest subject of curiosity is the value of a specific emote. The mystery around the price of the emote drew engaging remarks from Fortnite’s zealous community that oscillated between facts, humor, and sarcasm.


  • The consensus among users was the emote is priced at 800 V-bucks. While obvious to some, it still caused quite a stir.
  • There was a humorous element to the conversation where users began giving the emote imaginary price tags.
  • The conversation reflects how the Fortnite community is adept at balancing concrete game information and having fun with humor and camaraderie.

User Insights on Cost

Three users, Glory_To_Atom, OnxyCarter, and ElectriCole, straightforwardly placed the value of the emote at 800 V-bucks. This underlines the expert knowledge of game currency and items within the community.

Humor & Sarcasm Take Flight

Other responses, however, took a lighter approach. CarnageRush humorously made a hyperbolic claim about the rarity of the emote, which could make it worth 350 of… something. CookieMisha, following the humorous trope, declared its price to be 3 potatoes. Clearly, the sense of humor within the Fortnite community is stronger than a well-fortified base.

Abstract Pricing

In an unexpected turn of events, some users opted for unconventional units of valuation. Salted_Biscuit stated it’s worth $9, while Renex295 offered a ‘coconut-laden swallow’. Emphasising the camaraderie within the community, these quirky replies amuse and entertain all.

All in all, this lively discussion around the elusive Fortnite emote clearly displayed the vast range of attitudes in its community, from those devoted to statistical precision to those who simply wanted a chuckle. Even when focused on the concrete facts of game items, there’s plenty of room for imaginative digital camaraderie to take flight.