What if Epic Actually Loved Us? The Potential UI Revamp in Fortnite!

A fun yet insightful look at what could happen to Fortnite’s UI if Epic showed some extra love to its fanbase.

The fiery debate on Fortnite’s user interface (UI) has been ignited again by Reddit user Season_Cookie, who recently shared ideas for what the game’s UI could look like if Epic worked their magic. The post certainly split the room and kept the gaming community on its toes.


  • Not all fans are on board with the proposed changes, with some expressing a love for the current UI.

  • Some players have valid suggestions for accessibility improvements.

  • Few users cheekily suggest this kind of love from Epic might not be what they want!

The Polarized Opinions

TiltNexus’s wry comment – \”in that case I’m glad epic doesn’t love us\” – reflects a section of the gaming community that prefers the current design. In a similar vein, music4l_muff1n echoes the contentment with the current state: \”im happy they haven’t changed the stw ui\”.

Improvements and Accessibility

One standout suggestion comes from I_Like_Quiet, who takes a user-centric approach: \”You forgot to add a simple black edge around the yellow arrow on the map so we color-blind people can easily find it. That’s it, just a black edge will suffice.\”

Love or Fear?

While many players had a laugh, some were genuinely fearful of any drastic changes. Worried-Barracuda-23’s comment captures this sentiment well: \”I really like the 2nd slide but the rest are better if they stay the same\”.

So, the gaming community seems to have spoken. While some want to see updates and changes, many are content with the current UI of Fortnite and may even be wary of Epic’s ‘love’ for the interface. It’s no secret that the UI design matters in video games, and the discussion sparked by Season_Cookie just highlights the passion of the Fortnite community. It’s a healthy balance of fear and excitement, mixed with a dash of humor, that keeps the Fortnite universe so engaging.