Weighing Up the Worth of Fortnite’s ‘Save the World’ Mode

Players share their thoughts on whether Fortnite’s ‘Save the World’ mode is truly worth investing in.

The question of Fortnite’s ‘Save The World’ mode’s worth has been a hot topic among Fortnite fans. The mode is currently available for a mere $9, sparking a debate on whether it offers adequate value for this price.


  • While daily Vbucks quests are no longer available, ‘Save The World’ still offers a fun yet sometimes repetitive PvE experience, according to bdzz.
  • Leveraging the mode for BattlePass XP gain is a possible benefit. Nekuan seeks confirmation, and Brilliant_Bench_1144 confirms the mode assists in leveling up the BattlePass.
  • Though the mode is grind-heavy, those with a penchant for improvement in gear and tower defense-lite gameplay will find a rewarding experience, chikn_nugets suggests.

Player Sentiments

Users shared a mix of both positive and negative sentiments. For example, Vice4Life expressed appreciation for the engaging storyline: “I enjoyed the story line that you will get with it, so, in that regard, definitely worth $9” (source). However, Vice4Life also noted that V-buck missions, part of the daily routines of experienced players, are no longer available to new players.

XP and Progression

Another user, Powerful_Score7630, described ‘Save The World’ as a fun mode that offers good XP gain with the right storm shield defense set up. This sentiment was echoed by HippieDogeSmokes, who commented, “It’s pretty funny and gives alright xp, used to be a lot better xp wise but they nerfed it.” (source)

Is It a Grind?

According to user chikn_nugets, players should expect a ‘long grind’ and ‘incredibly repetitive quests’. Despite the repetitiveness, the user also acknowledged the satisfaction that comes from watching funny numbers go up on gear and enjoying a decent tower defense-lite game (source).

In a nutshell? The ‘Save The World’ mode seems to be a mixed bag, with some players valuing the storyline and grind, and others bemoaning lost benefits and repetition. As with any game, individual player experience will vary. Is ‘Save the World’ worth a mere $9? With funny jokes, a decent XP gain, and an engaging storyline, it seems more than reasonable. Happy gaming!