Warzone(Serverless_zone): Trying to Find Servers in the Subreddit Wilderness

Exploring the recent Warzone server issues – zero fun, maximum frustration. Let’s dive into the players’ experiences.

The word on the digital street is that some Warzone players are finding themselves in an unusual predicament. Here’s a quick run-down. No-Start-678 triggers the conversation with the plea – is anyone else struggling to find a server? Their internet connection doesn’t appear to be the issue.


  • bucchi_05 empathizes with No-Start-678, noting that they are experiencing the same issues.
  • max1boy96 adds that they might “actually have to do some work” if they can’t get into a game.
  • Unlike other players, Mcfly9876 seemed to have found a temporary workaround by turning the cross play setting on to find a match.
  • Tobiijaz believes this issue might be due to a yet-to-download update.

No-Start-678’s plea for help

No-Start-678’s post was the catalyst for this discussion on server issues, bringing to light an issue that is becoming troublingly common for many players. Is the issue isolated to a specific gaming platform? Or could it be down to specific server regions? This uncertainty has sparked a flurry of responses from other disgruntled gamers sharing their own experiences.

Users’ Struggle & The Humorous Side

Rest ALert! max1boy96’s comment hilariously highlighted the struggle faced by many gamers, saying he might actually have to do some work if he couldn’t get his game to launch. However, the larger implication here is the impact on personal relaxation and leisure time. We can all relate to the sheer panic that arises at the thought of being forced to do some actual work because a favourite distraction like gaming isn’t working.

Possible Solutions (Or The Lack Thereof)

Mcfly9876 threw in a possible solution, advising players to turn on cross play to find a match. But is this a true resolution or just a temporary patch? Given the mixed bag of responses, it would be safe to say that to resolve these frequent server issues will need more than just enabling cross play. There were a few suggestions, like Tobiijaz’s mention of a pending update, but the overall sentiment seems to be of frustration at the lack of a clear solution to these recurring server issues.

So, here we are! Stranded in the server-less expanse of our favourite game – the paradoxical state aptly captured by No-Start-678. The search for the elusive server continues and one would hope that the powers that be chart a clear course of action soon. Because nothing should stand between a gamer and their game, right? Especially not a profusely apologetic loading screen!