Warzone’s One-Shot Dual Pistols Return: Players’ Reactions, Repercussions, and Wry Humor

Players vent and jest over Warzone’s return of one-shot dual pistols. A gamechef’s recipe for eye-rolls galore?

Returning to the spotlight in Warzone 3 is the controversial comeback of one-shot dual pistols and it’s causing quite a stir within the player community. Our indefatigable player author, Der_Sauresgeber, emphatically shares his experience, illuminating his dissatisfaction with the game’s present state.


  • Der_Sauresgeber expresses concern over Warzone’s move to reintroduce one-shot dual pistols, citing it as a potential fun-killer and questioning its historical adoration or lack thereof.
  • Player Coolduels nostalgically reminisces about the fun he had with BAS B and WSP Swarm, likening it to the ebullient days of Rebirth Island, but firmly avers that the re-addition of the one-shot pistols spoils the fun.
  • A vexed M3nTaLb0Y vents his disappointment to a boisterous extent, vowing not to spend another cent on the game until the snake dual pistols are revoked.
  • KiJoBGG presents us with a rather sobering prediction about a prolonged one-shot pistol meta, thanks to the holiday break
  • Kvngk3n humorously sees the controversy as a handy excuse to take a break from the game, sparing his mental health in the process.

The One-Shot Dilemma

Our original poster, Der_Sauresgeber, and our dear commenter Coolduels agree – Warzone was more fun without the one-shot dual pistols. Coolduels misses the old days, when the game felt more joyful and less lethal. Perhaps the developers could learn a trick or two from the players’ experiences?

Community Outrage

Our fiery commenter, M3nTaLb0Y poses an interesting, albeit somewhat aggressive query – Who thought reintroducing the one-shot dual pistols was a good idea?

Forecasting the Future

Rather amusingly, KiJoBGG and kvngk3n offer us their forecasts; KiJoBGG warns players of a dismal one-shot pistol season and kvngk3n takes this opportunity to take a hiatus from the madness.

Using kvngk3n’s well-placed humor as the salve on these vented feelings, let’s remember that our shared passion for the game unites us, regardless of our stance on the return of the dual pistols. Here’s to hoping that the developers take our feedback to heart and steer the game towards an even more engaging and balanced future. Warzone may have its turbulence but hey, isn’t that part of the ride, too?