Warzone Woes: Crossplay and the Controversy on PC

In the Warzone arena, crossplay has caused quite the debate among its PC gamers. A closer look at this heated discussion.

In the midst of the ongoing ‘Warzone’ battleground, a post caught fire around the controversial subject of crossplay functionality on the PC platform. A frustrated gamer known as MemberMeXD sparks debate by probing into disabling crossplay, citing ‘overpowered aim assist’ as their primary gripe.


  • Many PC gamers have debated Jackal’s disabling of Crossplay.
  • ‘Aim assist on PC’ is labelled as a widely recognized feature; a controversy is bubbling.
  • A common consensus postulates that ‘COD was built for controllers,’ causing a heated discussion.
  • The disabling crossplay could potentially result in other gaming pitfalls, adding another dimension.

PC Controller Debate

There was one particular argument that continued to pop up throughout the discussion – the advantageous nature of controller aim assist. Several users, such as Turbo__Ty and The_Farreller, pointed out that controllers on the PC platform often employ aim assist, and that, contrary to the original post’s complaint, controller usage on the PC is not an exception.

Console Preference Conflict

An intriguing standpoint put forth by Backtator leaned towards the idea that the original COD games were designed with a controller in mind, not Mouse and Keyboard (MnK). They insinuated that if crossplay were to be disabled, players could face other issues, like dealing with hackers or longer lobby waiting times. Their opinion certainly added fuel to the fire.

Aim assist – Overpowered or Overhyped?

ChanceAstronomer5778 argued against the original post, stating that the aim assist feature isn’t as beneficial as it may seem. They shared their view that controlling aim with a mouse is far easier than a joystick. If aim assist was as advantageous as the initial post claimed, professional players would all be utilizing it – which is not the case.

It’s clear that the crossplay debate is a heated one, and it doesn’t look like it’ll settle anytime soon. Some believe aim assist and controllers give an unfair advantage, others say it’s a non-issue or even a disadvantage. As it stands, crossplay is as double-edged a sword as any in the world of Warzone.