Warzone Weapon Opinions: The BAS-B Rules the Roost

A rundown on Warzone’s BAS-B performance and players’ sentiments on its Time To Kill (TTK) efficiency.

In a game like Warzone, the topic of weapon balance seldom goes quiet, this time shining the spotlight on the BAS-B. A full-auto weapon that’s causing quite a stir due to its 540-585 ms TTK within a 35m range, a feat unsurpassed by any of the MW3 arsenal.


  • The BAS-B’s TTK is an anomaly amongst full-auto MW3 weapons
  • It’s a versatile weapon adaptable to various builds
  • User sentiment gears towards it being overpowered


Player ‘Bach00r’, who originated the discussion, highlights three sort of optimal builds for the BAS-B; a mid-long range build, a sniper support build, and an SMG build – all prioritizing different playstyles depending on the player’s needs.

Community Sentiments

‘Turbulent-Resist-442’ sparked some humor, commentingly pessimistically “Oh well heck, better nerf it. But let them sell 50 million dollars worth of bas b bundles first.” Indeed, there’s the ever-looming fear of a nerf looming over every evidently overpowering weapon, but hey, business is business, right?

‘Yeledushi’ brought up a valid point, asking “What about the DG-58 and DM56?” More power to the players who’ve found their tried-and-true weapon, amidst the constant uproar of ‘the best’!

Attachment Preferences

‘InteriorSun’ sought out shared wisdom, inquiring “What attachment combos do you guys like on it?” As varying as playstyles may be, it would be interesting to glean what the Warzone community favors when it comes to kitting out their BAS-B.

And thus, our journey through the intricate labyrinth of Warzone weapon discussions continues – the BAS-B may be the belle of the ball today, but who knows what tomorrow may bring? Perhaps a surprise nerf, maybe a new contender to dethrone it, only time will tell. Until then, game on!