Warzone Movement: Laughter Amidst Betrayal of Physics

“MW3 Movement” causes a stir among Warzone players – hilarity ensues.

New Warzone Antics: Adventure into the realms of game physics-defying “MW3 Movement”, as shared by Warzone enthusiast, bboybroccoli.


  • Quirky game mechanics leading to laughs, not rage
  • Varied player reactions, signifying community’s shared humor
  • Unintentional bug contributes to game’s charm

Reaction Highlights

T_Hankss commented, saying, “Is this really from the new MW? Looks like a mobile game”, bringing about the question of game realism. On a lighter note, PurpleLegoBrick teased, “Some of y’all have never done a low crawl and it shows. /s”, highlighting players’ inexperience with the concept of ‘low-crawl’ in a playful manner.

Further Comments

Psilocybin13’s comparison: “The ninja turtles!”, to cheeky comments like JMo_Loco_USMC’s sarcastic chime, ““mOvEmEnT iS sO mUcH bEtTeR iN mW3””, Warzone’s latest feature has clearly unleashed a slew of comedic interpretations.

Wrapping Things up

One interesting perspective was raised by PreyForCougars: “I’m not even mad. These are the bugs that need to stay. How do I do this?? lol.” This comment encapsulates the overall player sentiment – funny quirks like these serve as fun distractions from competitive gameplay, adding charm to the Warzone community.

Whether or not the developers planned this odd and hilarious movement feature or it’s an unintended consequence due to a bug, the players are loving it, making one thing clear – there’s never a dull moment in Warzone. Now, time to get back to the battlefield—or should we say, comedy club?