Warzone for Beginners: Too Tough, or is Victory Within Reach?

Newcomer to Warzone? Discover the reality behind playing this intense game as a beginner, as told by players themselves.

The Warzone wave is sweeping newcomers into its ferocious battle zone, like one bewildered user, throwawaitnine. After a decade away from Call Of Duty (COD), they hopped into the Warzone fray hoping for a great experience but found it overwhelmingly challenging. Is Warzone a tough battlefield for beginners? Let’s dive deeper.

Community Perspective

  • Considerable number of players believe Warzone’s skill-based matchmaking works effectively.
  • Warm recommendations for beginners to start with game modes like Plunder before diving into Battle Royale.
  • Noteworthy emphasis on practicing in Multiplayer to improve gun skills and movement.


Several community members like ispooler affirm that skill-based matchmaking in Warzone works pretty well at lower skills and assures more even matches. On another note, upfaii proposes a strategy of learning the ropes through the Plunder mode and then returning to Battle Royale with improved skills and better loadouts.


Endianess puts forward a valuable piece of advice, suggesting that beginners play in Multiplayer mode to hone their gun skills before moving onto Warzone. Warzone is a game of quick, infrequent encounters, making it hard for those with rusty skills to improve. Even the strongest aim assist feature (as highlighted by No-Row4416) can’t save you.


Despite all challenges, the Warzone doors are far from closed for beginners. Withoccassionalmusic shares an encouragement by stating that a friend who had never played CoD before is doing fine now. Even KumaPT suggests beginners to start their journey either in Multiplayer or the somewhat gentler Plunder mode before diving into the high-stakes Resurgence mode.

As it turns out, the Warzone can be a rough ride for beginners. Whether or not it’s worth getting into the game now, veteran players certainly believe it’s possible with strategic patience, correct modes, loads of practice, and watching the masters at work.