Warzone Fans Speak Up: ‘Just Bring Back Verdansk’

Warzone gamers on possible comeback of Verdansk Map. Do they miss it or have they moved on?

Warzone has been a consistent talking point among gamers, driving a wide range of opinions when it comes to its map changes. The latest cry from the gaming community is for the return of Verdansk, reflecting a potential nostalgia for earlier versions of the game.


  • Many Warzone players loved Verdansk and would like to see it return.
  • However, not all gamers share this sentiment, with some enjoying the new map and others suggesting the original had flaws.
  • These contrasting viewpoints highlight the diverse preferences of Warzone’s playerbase.

Retrospective Love

It’s clear that many Warzone users still harbor sentiments for Verdansk. As JumpyBaggins nostalgically notes ‘This. It was so perfect 😭‘, expressing longing for the path not taken, while mustinjellquist is so desperate to see wz1 return that ‘I’d gladly pay a grand for it‘.

A Look Forward

On the flip side of the coin, there are those who are embracing the new changes and even welcoming them. Efficient_Mine_5170 and South-Departure7720 think the new map is ‘pretty good‘ and that the Blackout map is ‘better than all of them‘.

A Mixed Bag?

However, some give the impression of indifference, suggesting that the map is not the main quality they value in the game. For instance, __shadow_wolf__ flatly states ‘No‘, implying a dismissal of all the fuss about the Verdansk map

Whether for nostalgia or for gameplay, it’s clear that Verdansk has left a lasting impression on the community. Its return would doubtless be greeted with enthusiasm by some, while others continue to look forward to what new maps Warzone might offer in the future.