Warzone: A Deep Dive into Public Reception of the Game’s Updates

An analysis and roundup of fan feedback for the updates in Warzone, pulled from a popular subreddit post.

The Warzone community is filled with diverse opinions about the game’s recent updates, these are summarized from a popular post’s discussion in an online gaming forum.


  • Mixed feelings present when discussing the game’s updates
  • Some users express disappointment over the game’s direction
  • Transition from Verdansk is a contentious point

Community Feedback

There’s an undercurrent of nostalgia present in the thread. User bbbeeennnjjjeee even expressed the wish: ‘BRING BACK VERDANSK. I would pay $70 just to have them roll back the game to 2019.’

Game Quality

Another point of contention was the SBMM (Skill Based Match Making). High-level players like jslw18 advocate for a tuning down of this feature. But optimists like Fickle_Loan6421 see value in the updates, simply stating ‘Good’.

New Additions

New characters like Krampus have strongly polarized reactions. atomicfroster states, ‘Looks good except for that damn Krampus! Nothing like spending all your ammo on that bastard than getting 3rd party’d.’ Fury at ammo-gulping Krampus sounds universal.

Player Forecast

Killua_Zaeldyeck advises the community to keep an eye on player migration, noting ‘You need to answer the question, why did millions left Warzone in 2022, after December 2021?…and…Why didn’t they return in all of 2023?’ Intriguing questions, indeed.

As can be seen, the Warzone community is a potpourri of opinions with concerns, hopes, and experiences. But one thing is clear – passion for the game is evident in every comment, and these opinions shape the future of Warzone.