Warzone 3 Preparations: Gamers Reveal Their Top Leveling Guns

Warzone 3 anticipation is soaring as gamers share the guns they’re leveling up before the launch.

The announcement of Warzone 3 has sparked plenty of chatter among game aficionados, particularly about tactics to get a head start. One question created quite a buzz: What guns are players leveling up right now to prepare for the much-awaited release?


  • Gamers seem to have a varied interest in guns, but the Bas-B is gaining a significant amount of attention.
  • Some users are putting their eggs in one basket, while others are leveling up every single available weapon.
  • There’s a palpable excitement and anticipation for the new Warzone release.

Community Sentiment

Excitement seems to be a universal sentiment on the upcoming Warzone release. As Brandonmax07 states, ‘This is gonna be so fun when it finally releases, and pretty much everyone has already got the new guns max.’

Preparation Strategies

Preparation seems to mostly involve guns, with many already maxing out their new guns. But strategies differ. StoneSummitPSN suggests keeping all options open, ‘Every single one, you never know what will be the meta.’

Guns of Choice

Not surprisingly, the Bas-B gun seems to be popular with the community. However, other weapons are getting their fair share of attentions, too. Players like Yaggfu are sticking with their trusty old companions, ‘I just need my trusty ACR!’ Meanwhile, others like Earden are strategizing with a mix of humor, ‘Hope you’re ready for my Orion-packed Dildo Launcher!’

Whether it’s excitement, laughter, or strategic debates, the community is buzzing. The shared passion for gaming and the anticipation for Warzone 3 is palpable. No matter the preferred weapons, the preparation and tactical discussions are clearly part of the thrill that keeps the Warzone community vibrant. It’s not just a game- it’s a shared experience, and the upcoming release is another chapter everyone’s hotly anticipating.