Voice Connection in Genshin Impact: Are Delaroche and Sedene One and the Same?

Exploring the speculation on voice connection between two non-playable Genshin Impact characters – Delaroche and Sedene

In the vast world of ‘Genshin Impact’, there have been rumblings about a possible shared voice between two of the game’s non-playable characters – Delaroche from the current event and Sedene the Melusine.


  • Game players are alert to detail!
  • There is a consensus of virtual ear confirmation from users – both characters are voiced by Debi Derryberry.
  • Appreciation for voice acting and hope for reveal of more significant characters voiced by same artist in the future.

Shared Voice?

Much like the eagle-eared super sleuth ‘Meismarc’ who posted about this uncanny audio observation, other users too picked up on the similar speech patterns of the two characters. After virtually pinching their tongues between their thumbs and index fingers, users like ‘Chucknasty_17’ concurred – ‘I was wondering the same thing, they sounded so similar.’

Tone of Affection

Users not only did hear, but wholly and heartily loved what they heard. The bewitching enunciation and soothing tones of Sedene and Delaroche’s voices had fans in a trance. User ‘Repulsive_Exchange_4’ jubilantly expressed – ‘I love Debi Derryberry’s cadence when she speaks as Sedene and Delaroche!’

Plea for Playable Characters

Amidst all the ooh and aah comments, there was a gentle push from users for allowing these beloved characters to join their playable character list. Having a seasoned performer like Debi Derryberry voicing a playable character could undoubtedly elevate the gaming experience, believes user ‘daviezthecat’.

So here we have it, a simple speculation leading to an outpouring of love for a voice. It may be, that while we are busy adventuring, slaying monsters, and saving locals from the odd pickle, these voices, deviating little yet offering much, can sometimes make all the difference.