Vanishing Fortnite Game Mode Frustrations: A Reddit User’s Tale

A ‘Fortnite: Save the World’ player mysteriously loses access to purchased game mode. Redditors weigh in.

The world of Fortnite: Save the World just got a little smaller for one player, going by the user name ‘Cunt125’. This distraught gamer took to the virtual streets to voice their confusion and frustration after a puzzling incident.


  • a highly concerned user reported that the purchased game mode ‘Save the World’ vanished from their account
  • a possibility was raised that v-bucks could be involved in this seemingly magic-like disappearance
  • the gaming company was accused of offering insufficient support

Where Did It All Start?

Imagine it: April 2018, Fortnite fever is well underway and our tale’s protagonist decides to ‘Save the World’. They purchased this beloved game mode, immersed in the joy of gameplay for countless hours before taking a break. 2 years on, the excitement rekindles and it’s time to re-enter the game. But lo and behold, the treasured ‘Save the World’ is inexplicably absent from the user’s account! Cunt125 describes their perplexity, “required purchase” it says, even though it had been bought before. Quite the gaming mystery, wouldn’t you say?

The Twists And Turns

Now, every good plot has its twists and turns. Fellow gamer, ‘Deyruu’ throws in a theory – could it be a forgotten family case of Xbox Gameshare, he wonders. Further tangles arise as Cunt125 notices an unexpected 2k v-bucks in their account. Was it a mystical transmutation of ‘Save the World’ into v-bucks or was it an entirely separate incident?

The Sleuths Join In

As the mystery deepens, fellow Reddit user, ‘FlyingBanaan’ suggests a clue. ‘Check If U Have The 2 Founder Skins.’ – they advised, pointing to a potential lead. However, with the game company’s support seemingly being of no aid, our protagonist is left with more questions than answers.

And that, dear readers, concludes the perplexing case of the missing ‘Save the World’.