Up Your Game in Honkai: Star Rail – Top Tips to Level DoT Characters’ Traces

A dive into the gameplay strategy of enhancing DoT characters’ traces in Honkai: Star Rail. Essential read for gamers!

Recently, in the expanses of Honkai: Star Rail, an experienced player, JeanKB, shared an insight that has been often overlooked by many gamers. She discusses the importance of leveling up the traces of DoT characters like Kafka, Sampo, Luka, and Gui for optimum effectiveness.


  • Analyze the unique scaling patterns of DoT carries
  • Importance of fully upgrading the characters for optimized performance
  • Comparative study with other characters and how to benefit from it

Scaling Patterns

The gaming world of Honkai: Star Rail follows a quasi-linear talent scaling pattern, with most character skills doubling from level one to ten, as JeanKB enlightens. However, DoT characters’ trances, which are integral to their functioning, follow a completely different paradigms. For example, Kafka’s DoT, tied to her ultimate level, scales distinctively, backloaded in later talent levels.

Significance of Upgrade

The importance of upgrading is clearly stated by user AggronStrong, when he mentions that leveling these characters to maximum is of utmost importance as the ‘scaling increases by a very large number’ for each level. This scaling is much higher than traditional characters, hence establishing the benefits of an upgrade.

Comparative Study

As user TrainerCrystal1 points out, ‘dot characters traces are more important to level than dps that rely on crit ratio’. This is because of the better scaling on traces and the non-compensation with good relics, especially with dot characters.

Believe us, this is not ‘anima-cal’ science. Further backing JeanKB are characters like Arthurmauk who reassures that he didn’t realise dot characters were different until this discussion. Well, believe it now, buddy!

And finally, dear readers, this gaming wisdom brings us to the realization that if your DoT characters’ traces are still stuck at level eight, it’s high time you buff them up. So, go on and ascend to new gaming heights in Honkai: Star Rail. Keep the game strong and the strategy stronger! See you in the Spaceport, gamers.