Unveiling the Shadows: An In-depth Scooper on Warzone Shadowbanning

An engaging look at Warzone’s shadowban issue from players’ perspectives, courtesy of a Reddit thread. The suspense is palpable.

The controversy surrounding the practice of shadowbanning in Warzone has recently sparked hot discourse in gaming communities. A candid post by Reddit user PublicInteresting616 is your guide to navigate these uncertain waters.

Quick Picks from the Post:

  • Shadowbanning happens more frequently to under level 20 accounts with over 10 kills.
  • Warzone shadowban doesn’t always translate into a MWIII shadowban.
  • Shadowbans last longer for high-level accounts, few hours to several days.
  • Performing a self-check for a shadowban is feasible and encouraged.

The Silent Ban:

Shadowbanning—the heart of the discourse, is an unannounced system supposedly put in place to curb cheating in the Warzone. This comment from hiii_impakt hints that bans may be influenced by resentful players who prematurely brand low level, high kill streak players as cheats.

MWIII’s Imperfect Shield:

A curious dichotomy exists between Warzone and MWIII, as the latter does not necessarily inherit bans. However, PublicInteresting616 warns of a potential shadowban transfer, particularly if you’ve been previously banned in Warzone.

The Unforgiving Waiting Game:

According to PublicInteresting616, if you’re bravely soldiering through a ban, prepare for a long haul. The duration seems to be a function of your account level and the severity of your ‘offense.’ But, does playing fair, as suggested by Little_Weird2039, reduce this torturous waiting period?

The gaming terrain of Warzone is indeed fraught with the ominous shadows of unknown bans. Through collective wisdom, insights, and a dash of humor (perhaps the best defense against nerve-wracking bans), the community continues to persevere.