Unveiling the Scale of Decarabian’s City in Genshin Impact: A Deep Dive

A Reddit thread has sparked intrigue around the colossal scale of Decarabian’s city in popular game Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact’s vast and intricate world never ceases to amaze, but one recent realization about the monumental scope of Decarabian’s city has stirred quite a conversation.


  • Users liken the size of Decarabian’s city to that of Watatsumi Island.
  • Discussion of a desire to visualize the city in its prime.
  • Speculation about potential game updates revealing even more of the city.

A Matter of Size

‘It’s way bigger than Watatsumi. I’d say it’s close to Yashiori,’ insists No-Adeptness5810, comparing the massive scale of the city to other significant in-game landmarks. This observation seems to resonate, highlighting the magnanimity of this ancient civilization.

Decarabian: A City Lost in Time

‘I really would like to see an artist or anyone else try to make impressions of how some of these large ruins in game would look like if they weren’t ruins…’ expresses user Andrew583-14 showing a yearning amidst players to visualize structures in their prime.

The Unexplored Depths

Speculations about what the ruins may hold are aplenty, with user Shinchaa, hoping game updates will eventually reveal the inaccessible tower bottom. A sentiment that certainly finds echo among many aspirants of this in-game Indiana Jones saga!

Decarabian’s city may be a relic from a past era, yet it holds its space as an object of intrigue. Users continue to visualize its past grandeur whilst hoping for more explorative opportunities in the present. Now, wouldn’t that be a sight for digital sore eyes?