Unveiling the Excitement: Genshin Impact’s Version 4.3 Events Preview – Phase I

A deep dive into Genshin Impact’s upcoming version 4.3 content based on the buzz from the game’s online community.

The gaming world is abuzz with the recent announcement on Genshin Impact’s “Version 4.3 Events Preview – Phase I.” Given Genshin Impact’s track record for surprising and entertaining fans, it’s safe to say players have high expectations for this new adventure. Let’s dive into the conversation and see what the excitement is all about!


  • There’s a collective sigh of impatience for the Zhongli outfit. Is the fandom’s fashion sense compatible with the creators? [source]
  • The community is eagerly awaiting the Navia story quest, with hopes of an emotionally engaging plot. [source]
  • A Zhongli statue could be coming our way, and fans are here for it! [source]
  • Excitement peaks as there is a shout out for a shot at C6 Candace, though some have resigned themselves to forever longing. [source]

The Desire for Fashion

A substantial amount of the conversation centers around the desired Zhongli outfit. As one user stated, “It’s like you don’t want our money.” Players seem more than willing to shell out some dough for avatars with style.

Emotional Investment in Navia’s Journey

Emotions are already boiling up as the community anticipates the Navia story quest. Fans are hoping for a heartwarming plot after the character’s previous hardships. It’s clear that the designers of Genshin Impact have succeeded in creating a deep emotional connection between players and the game’s characters.

The Lure of Limited Banners

There’s a mystique around limited banners, and the Navia banner has earned its fair share of curiosity. Is it just marketing jargon, or does a “huge drop-rate boost” mean there’s a significant chance of scoring Navia outside of her banner? The community seems split, but the intrigue remains.

Chasing After Candace

Lastly, but definitely not the least, players are thrilled at the possibility of having a shot at C6 Candace. However, one user laments their lost opportunity, “Nooooo, Candace! You could have been on Raiden’s banner with Sara and Chevreuse… I’ll never get you….😭” It appears Genshin Impact should keep putting a variety of characters on the banner to keep the excitement alive!

Looking back at Genshin Impact’s recent announcement, it’s clear the game creators knew how to stir up anticipation and excitement among the game’s fans. And oh, what a feeling! From new wardrobes to heart-wrenching storylines, Genshin Impact continues to hit all the right notes with its gaming community.