Unveiling the Codex: Analyzing Call of Duty Tier List Opinions

Dive into the latest consensus on the Call of Duty tier list— an analysis of fan perspectives.

Kicking off a spirited conversation, a ‘Call of Duty’ fan posted their version of a CoD game tier list, causing a ripple of reactions in the online community.


  • Contrasting views on games like Infinite Warfare, Modern Warfare 2019, and Black Ops 3
  • A push-pull dynamic between gameplay, graphics, and campaign content influencing rankings
  • Respect for personal opinions despite evident disagreements.

Not Just a Game: Players’ Passion for CoD

With the discussion centered on the ranking of various CoD games, numerous remarks on individual preferences and game-play experiences emerge. When relaxed_laser mentioned MW2019’s part in reviving the CoD franchise, they touched on a common theme throughout the comments: deep appreciation for the evolution of the series, irrespective of certain divisive opinions.

A Matter of Perspective: Gameplay vs. Campaign

Among the sea of viewpoints, some users like BudsBudz420 pointed out the differing criteria used to evaluate games. While some fans view the entire game, including aspects like multiplayer mode, others may prioritize the campaign. This gives rise to the multifaceted opinions in ranking these beloved games.

‘A Rose by Any Other Name’: The Infinite Warfare Debate

Interestingly, Dry_Swan8845‘s counter-argument that Infinite Warfare is akin to Black Ops 3, it beckons the question ‘What’s in a game’s name?’ Do loyal CoD followers hold biases towards a title over its actual gameplay, graphics, or campaign?

In the end, the variances in our individual lists only underline the robustness of Call of Duty as a franchise. Its diverse fan-base, animated discussions, and hot debates are a testament to the series’ far-reaching impact.