Unveiling Honkai: Star Rail – Most Used Teams and Characters in Memory of Chaos Stages

A dive into gamers’ strategies in Honkai: Star Rail, exploring their character choices and team formations based on a Reddit post.

The buzzing discussions around Honkai: Star Rail continue unabated on online gaming platforms. A prominent theme surfacing recently is strategising gameplay around the ‘Memory of Chaos Stages.’ A recent post enumerates the most popular and efficient teams, characters, and builds observed among the players.


  • The post author, LvlUrArti, provides comprehensive data on strategies adopted by a wide range of players.
  • There’s a noticeable shift in character choices and team builds from previous, indicating evolving strategies.
  • The exclusion of certain teams from the average cycle has influenced the ranking of some characters.
  • The mention of implications to upcoming tier lists sparked interest among the readers.

Emerging Strategies

Players seem excited about the changing strategies and rankings, with characters like Dan Heng IL and Yukong grabbing attention. As noted by LvlUrArti, these changes seem influenced by revised average cycle calculations and the exclusion of teams featuring E1+ limited 5* characters. A thought-provoking comment by Ujevein makes us ponder how these alterations to MoC will affect the upcoming tier lists.

Questions and Observations

Curiosity around the gameplay is evident in players’ comments. Jonyx25 questions the prior exclusions of eidolons in past MoC rankings. GoldenRedditUser’s excitement over pulling for Kafka and Black Swan denotes the anticipation around future gameplay. Another comment from Kerry_li suggests that the allocation of Bronya to Jingliu could contribute to better team quality.

Feedback and Support

LvlUrArti’s extensive data collection and analysis has garnered substantial appreciation. Accompanied by vital links and calls for further participation, the post has amplified engagement among the Honkai: Star Rail player community. Navigation to their other infographics, the ko-fi support link, and Github repository encourages collective learning and community assistance.

Moving forward, we expect to witness evolving strategies and further shift in the characters’ dominance. Especially with the game dynamics continuously changing, these user-generated insights will play an integral part in shaping try-outs and unleashing new milestones. Keep gaming, keep exploring!