Unseen Cooldowns in Genshin Impact: A Three-Year-Long Mystery

Deciphering the impassioned sentiments & requests echoed by the players within the lively Genshin Impact community.

Grapples with unseen cooldowns have become a growing concern among fervent Genshin Impact players. Specifically, players are expressing their displeasure about not being able to see the cooldown of the ‘E’ skill while switched to a different unit, which they believe hampers their in-game strategy and experience.


  • The lack of cooldown indication is perceived as a hindrance to better timing and rotation in gameplay.
  • Many see the missing feature as a lapse, brushing off the combat dynamics.
  • A segment of the community believes improved UI could change the game experience significantly.

User Insights

A unanimous view is the need for a more enhanced Combat UI. From Slush_Magic’s call for timer updates to solarjoy’s critique on the gamepad’s limitations, it’s clear the desire for systems that allow better tactical planning is widespread.

Desire for Quality of Life Changes

The comments reveal an overarching consensus about pivotal Quality of Life (QoL) modifications that are believed to significantly improve the game, accompanied by certain humorous undertones. UmbraNightDragon believes that there are no drawbacks to adding these features. Meanwhile, YOUVEGOTTABESQUID’s sardonic prediction represents the community’s impatience for the game to evolve.

Engaging with Characters

Iskaru, for instance, notes that the issue influences character preference, while Storm_373 admits to having overlooked this aspect, opining it to be a welcome change. These comments illuminate how seemingly minor features can significantly impact player engagement and character interaction.

Chuckles aside, delving into the spirited discussions around this three-year mystery, one can’t help but admire the Genshin Impact community’s passionate determination to elevate their beloved game. As they grapple with unseen cooldowns and other unmet desires, it’s heartening to see the communal spirit and tenacity shining through, praying for the mystery to unravel and a more fulfilling gaming experience to ensue.