Unraveling The Mystery of Factional Discontent in Call of Duty: Zombies

Demystifying the riveting debate on the rampant factional infighting between the CIA and CDC in Call of Duty: Zombies.

Moving into the realm of zombies in broadly recognized franchise, ‘Call of Duty’, raises a query that has caused a ripple effect among fans and stirred up some lively debates on who stands right- the CIA or the CDC? The heated tussle, meticulously etched, has left users intrigued, seeking plausible explanations that formed the basis of this enthralling plot twist.


  • A generally accepted perspective, as noted by TheBanzerker, hints at the possibility of CDC holding onto the belief in the existence of a curable vaccine while the rest of the American government remains skeptical, if not indirectly opposed to the idea.
  • The dispute might disguise a bitter fight over resources, as suggested by MedicInDisguise.
  • There are also theories about the CIA attempting to cover up a gaming universe scandal while the CDC tries to understand and manage the situation, as per the musings of le-battleaxe

Puzz-buzz Surroundings

Users have come up with some wild, albeit intriguing theories. Some believe endeavors of the CDC to unearth the truth about this mysterious “disease” and its unchecked linkages to the government have sparked a fierce opposition from the CIA to prevent any potential breaches, as TheToughBubble points out. A hilarious and somewhat satirical viewpoint offered by TrailsideDairyeeispens that the feud boils down to the sheer pace at which the two factions perform: the CDC just can’t save people as quickly as the CIA eliminates them. Talk about the competitive spirit!

Vying for Survival

playerlsaysr69 suggests that this combat could be driven indirectly by Richthofen, forcing the CDC and the CIA to engage in violent territorial disputes. The post by BINGOBONGO3333333 lends more credence to this theory, proposing that one group could possibly be under the influence of Richthofen while the other has pledged allegiance to Maxis, a fact which further ignites their mutual animosity.

A Deeper Dive

To fully understand the complex narrative and underlying tensions, we need to delve deep into the storyline and character arcs of the game. Users attest this clash might be an outcome of inherent values conflict, with each faction defending their principles, as suggested by Toxic_Zombie_361. Moreover, a world steeped in disarray and chaos, makes
finger-pointing inevitable, with the CIA possibly blaming the CDC for disease spread mismanagement, a perspective offered by Sudi_Arabia.

Lastly, we can all agree on the mystery that always leaves gamers craving more: the complex, fascinating relationship that exists between different factions. Whether it’s about creatively interpreting the story, understanding underlying issues, or finding the truth, Call of Duty: Zombies offers a blend of adventure, thrill, and humor that never fails to engage players.