Unraveling the Mysteries in Genshin Impact: A Fan-Perspective Tier List

Dive deep into the mysteries & suspicions surrounding the Genshin Impact characters through a user-generated tier list

In the dynamic and captivating world of the game Genshin Impact, certain mysteries abound. A compelling post from a certain user, named ‘CauliflowerSure3228’, presents detailed clarifications on an intriguing ‘lore accurate sus tier list’. This seems to strike a chord with the pervasive curiosity among fans to find out who’s up to what in the game. But who’s acting sus (suspicious) according to the fan community? Let’s delve into the mystery!


  • CauliflowerSure3228’s post provides representations for the game’s elements and characters.
  • Discussion in the comments covered character intentions and actions, revealing a divide among fans about the ‘suspicion level’ of various characters.
  • The characters Kuki, Neuvillette, and Rosaria are subjects of debate among the community members.

Adding a Mask of Mystery

One post_comment from a user called real_fake_cats inquired about Kuki’s propensity to mask up, leaving the community to question, ‘What is she hiding?’ The mask could be a symbol of evasion to some, or maybe a fashion accessory to others, but it certainly adds a dash of enigma to her character.

Is Cluelessness a Verdict?

Meanwhile, ZaheerUchiha and ssssss2s2 agree on Neuvillette’s transparency. They argue that he’s upfront about what he knows and remains openly clueless about what he doesn’t, placing him in the clear for them.

The Watchful Guardian?

However, Rosaria isn’t so lucky. Zodiac339 questions why her character, who ensures Mondstadt’s security “vanishes in the middle of the night,” and why she doesn’t raise more suspicion. Could she be a watchful protector or something more sinister? That’s up for debate.

Challenge to Tier Placements

Other users like Zenith_3000 and GushinGranny7 question the placement of Furina and Lyney, arguing these characters sure don’t look all rosy as painted by CauliflowerSure3228.

One cannot deny the intrigue and discussion spurred from a simple tier-list. We see character viewpoints clash, providing, in a way, an intimate look into the Genshin community’s diverse commentary temple. The heart of what makes Genshin Impact special is its ability to spark such lively discourse among fans, proving even a ‘sus’ can lead to ‘dis-cus-sions’. Such is the life of a Genshin Impact fan, always on the lookout for hints, secrets, and yes, the occasional ‘sus’ activity.