Unraveling the Fortnite Quest: A Comprehensive Guide to Access STW Quests

Fortnite fans debate accessing quests in STW. Learn about it from the game’s vibrant community.

In the virtual realms of Fortnite, a question recently stirred within the community. User ‘_Rah’ sparked an engaging discussion when they reached out for help on accessing quest pages in “Save The World” (STW), Fortnite’s co-op PvE mode.


  • The original poster seeks to navigate STW’s quest page but lacks understanding on how to do so.
  • User ‘HeckinBrandon’ suggests navigating to the STW menu and pressing the ‘quest log’ for access.
  • ‘ButterPuppet’ claims that there are no battle pass-related quests in STW.
  • ‘FinalLucario’ informs quests are only visible in Battle Royale mode but to see STW missions, STW must be open.

Delving Deeper into the Dilemma

One of the key factors surrounding this debate is the fact that Fortnite has several modes – primarily, Battle Royale and STW. As ‘_Rah’ was unable to see any quests within STW, it becomes evident that the access differs based on the mode.

Quick Fixes

‘HeckinBrandon’ provides a potential solution, suggesting the user selects the ‘quests’ tab within the STW menu and clicks ‘quest log.’ This seemingly simple tutorial could prove game-changing for players that have been curtailing their gameplay due to the issue.

Avoiding Misconceptions

When dealing with multi-mode games like Fortnite, it’s important not to misconstrue the functionalities unique to each mode. ‘ButterPuppet,’ for instance, opines that battle pass-related quests do not exist in STW. Such comments help to clear up misleading assumptions.

The Battle Royale STW Conundrum

‘FinalLucario’ makes a crucial point; quests only manifest when Battle Royale is selected. To peruse STW missions, it is necessary to open STW. In other words, the solution to accessing quests in STW involves retrospective adjustments in the chosen mode.

In the grand maze that is Fortnite, even a minor misstep could leave one disoriented. Through sharing their woes and wisdom, gamers underscore the importance of being tuned to the specifics of each mode. Their collective knowledge stands testament to the supportive and informative gaming community they form part of. As they play, learn, and grow together, the Fortnite family continues to unravel the hidden nuances of STW, inked one epic quest at a time.