Unraveling the Dark Fashion Mystery in Genshin Impact: A Reddit Perspective

This article delves into why one Genshin Impact family is always seen in black skin tight suits.

In an intriguing turn of events, Genshin Impact gamers have raised a cosmetic conundrum: Why does a certain family frequently sport black skin tight suits? Is there a lore-related explanation or is this just Teyvat’s version of a gothic fashion sense?


  • Community members have offered a variety of humorous and insightful explanations.
  • Some cite lore-based reasons, while others attribute the style to certain characters’ fashion choices.
  • Several gamers note that this sept’s style seems to portray a strong and united front.

Community Theories

A user named LivingASlothsLife hilariously suggested that the unique fashion sense could be attributed to Cloud Retainer’s cultured sense of style. Maybe she dresses her ‘adoptive daughter’ this way?

Another individual, Nameless49, proposed that Cloud Retainer may be behind everyone’s similar fashion language since she presumably creates outfits for Ganyu and Shenhe.

Humorous Takes

PH4N70M_Z0N3 came up with a trippy commentary, stating ‘First we got bottom. Then we got Top. Now, we get the whole package. A story in three.’

Another comment by pavithran904 was quite the knee slapper, remarking that ‘one’s got drip.’

Straightforward Answers

Le1jona wondered if maybe Ganyu and Shenhe are just wearing Cloud Retainer’s old clothes.

jtan1993 stated it plainly: ‘crane aesthetics.’

There you have it, a mix of theories, gut-busting remarks, and straightforward answers from the fandom. Whether it’s a lore-based explanation or a shoutout to crane aesthetics, the community saw a mystery and unfolded it with plenty of fun and speculation. Stay tuned for more Genshin fashion mysteries!