Unraveling the Concept of a ‘Main’ in Genshin Impact

Exploring the notion of having a ‘main’ in Genshin Impact, as perceived by the game’s community.

Genshin Impact is often the centre of interesting discussion, with one such debate revolving around the concept of having a ‘main’. For new players like Smith5000123, this is a point of confusion: what exactly does it mean to have a main? What role does this ‘main’ play in the four-person team?


  • Mains are typically characters the player uses most frequently or enjoys playing.
  • The main character can significantly influence the team’s dynamics and often sees heavy investment from the player.
  • Mains are not just who you play the most but can significantly impact your gameplay and strategies, especially in co-op mode.

Different perceptions of a ‘main’

Halogaz, an enthusiastic Beidou main, expresses that a ‘main’ is essentially your favorite character whom you bring along most of the time or build most of your teams around.

Interesting perspective comes from jelly-sandwich-ff, who highlights that’s when ‘maining’ a character becomes most important when you join co-op mode.

Mains and emotional Investments

Tinyviel shared how mains aren’t simply about who you use most often, but someone you invest in emotionally, in terms of gear and gameplay.

Another user, DiamondChocobos fascinatingly describes his journey with his main – Neuvilette, and how he builds his team to maximize Neuvilette’s DPS. This showcases the personal connection players can develop with their ‘main’.

The game’s spirit and the ‘main’

JooK8 reminded that Genshin Impact is designed for players to use many different characters on many different teams. Your ‘main’ might get countered by something and then you need to be flexible to adapt and win.

Costyn17 suggests a fun twist: one can have a main from each nation, underscoring the game’s spirit of exploration and creativity.

All in all, Smith5000123’s question brought forth a multitude of responses, painting a vivid picture of what a ‘main’ can be in Genshin Impact. From strategic centerpiece to nostalgic favourite, mains add another layer to this enchanting game. That said, it’s not a preset rule, but a preference. Have yours yet?