Unraveling the Anomalies in Genshin Impact: Gamers’ Theories Explored

Genshin Impact players debate the causes of in-game anomalies, exploring ley lines, swirly winds and more!

The world of Genshin Impact is a truly mystifying one. Filled with puzzles to solve and anomalies to unravel, it keeps its fans continually intrigued. One such curiosity revolves around the mysterious anomalies that seem to appear out of the blue. The community has brought up numerous theories which we shall delve into right now.


  • Gamers theorize a variety of causes for these anomalies, ranging from magical ley line disorders to forgotten debris and natural decay.
  • Theories not only involve the physical world of the game but also its rich lore and backstory.
  • Many ideas reflect the game’s unique, immersive gameplay which invites speculation and fan theories.

The Lore Theory

Forward__Slash leans towards ley line disorders causing these anomalies. Meanwhile, PeterGyrich believes that the abyss-related tumors left by Jakob and natural decay and debris that people forgot about may be the key. Both these theories reflect the immersive lore of Genshin Impact, showing how the game’s story sparks curiosity and encourages players to dig deeper into the game’s world.

The Environmental Theory

Others, like Alarmed_Opposite_564 suggest some ‘weird shenanigans’ underwater. Then, there’s the idea proposed by Asobimo, who thought the anomalies could be tied to the willow tree at the center. These illustrate how players engage with the game’s environment, marrying observation with imagination.

Player Optimism

Pito20, in the words of a philosopher, tells us ‘Teyvat has its own laws’. Leaving things to fate while continuing to enjoy the gameplay encapsulates how many players approach this game, keeping their spirits high despite confusing anomalies.

After venturing down rabbit holes of ley lines, willow trees, and hidden debris, we’re left not with a concrete answer to what causes these anomalies but an appreciation for the game’s player-driven community. With theories as varied as the game’s rich landscape, the breadth and depth of Genshin Impact’s captivating world continue to spark curiosity and foster dialogue. So, whether you’re a seasoned Genshin player or just setting foot in Teyvat, keep an eye out for those anomalies – who knows what they’re really hiding?