Unpacking the ‘Fortnite Founders Pack’: Community Discussion on Upgrade Anomalies

Dive into the Fortnite community’s discussions on the ‘Founders Pack’ upgrade mysteries, with insights straight from the gamers themselves.

Online chatter is surging in the Fortnite community, brimming with questions and confusion surrounding the ‘Founders Pack’ upgrades- or the lack thereof. This article sheds light on the sentiments and conclusions drawn by the Fortnite player base, around the intricacies of the standard to deluxe upgrade pertaining to Founders Pack.


  • User ‘AliX5gaming’ expressed confusion over the lack of automatic upgrade from standard to deluxe, despite activating their founders pack post its discontinuation.
  • Participants in the thread unanimously identified the timeframe of Founders’ Pack activation influencing the available upgrades, with cut-off around June 2020.
  • Several users concluded that the upgrade policies are perhaps not as user friendly as they might seem.

Understanding The Confusion

For starters, user ‘AliX5gaming’ posted about their Founders Pack activation, battling further clouds of obscurity, rather than the promised upgrade. They indicated that many players received free upgrades, but due to possibly late activation of their pack, they were left out of this convenient move.

Community Response

User ‘Redlution’ was quick to reply, suggesting the importance of timing in this equation, mentioning ‘only players who had stw before June of 2020‘. ‘Mrhotshotbot’, concocting a slightly different recipe, asked about the possession of the founder’s revolt pistol. He added ‘If you do, then you have deluxe‘, sparking a humorous twist to this escalating conundrum.

Final Verdict

‘ImNTGames’ ensued with a more detailed explanation, underlining the unique preconditions for receiving an upgrade, explicitly stated in Epic Games’ June 2020 State of Development blog post. They cleverly deduced – ‘You did not have a paid founder’s edition before 2020, and probably not eligible for an upgrade‘, winding down the conversation with a rather plausible explanation.

In the lively, sometimes humorous, occasionally baffling landscape of the Fortnite community, reliable guidance may frequently appear obscured by the storm clouds of jest and disagreement. This curious case of the elusive ‘Founders Pack’ upgrade is no exception, reminding all commanders that while the storm in Fortnite carries manifold challenges, so too can the storm of community chatter around upgrade policies and the like. But hey, that makes the whole journey all the more fun, right? Game on, folks!