Unlocking the Value: Is the New Call of Duty worth Your €55?

A Reddit Call of Duty player debates whether to acquire the new Modern Warfare 3 at €55 instead of the full €80 price tag.

As the popular Call of Duty franchise releases its latest installment, players ponder over whether the new Modern Warfare 3 is worth buying at a discounted rate of €55, instead of the full €80 price tag.


  • The gamer community appears to have mixed reactions towards the reduction in price.
  • The post triggered a discussion on the game’s true value and whether it’s worth the discounted price.
  • The subreddit has strict content guidelines, as underscored by an AutoModerator’s message.

Determine the Worth: It’s a Personal Perception

As user AdJealous2 stated, ‘There’s a free trial. Find out yourself whether it’s worth it, it’s all subjective.’ This implies that the game’s worth varies from player to player, and each gamer should evaluate the game for themselves.

Unveiling the Reality: The Price Point

As price debates continue, user vipera-77190 subtly mocked, ’55€ is full price.’ This brings up an interesting discussion on regional pricing and how some users might consider a discounted rate as a full price.

Understand the Guidelines: Strict Content Policies

The discussion in the thread also highlighted the subreddit’s stringent content guidelines, indicated by an AutoModerator’s message directing the post conversation to another subreddit if the discussion was specifically about Modern Warfare III (2023).

As a wrap-up, it’s clear that the perception of the game’s value varies amongst individuals. While some debate over the €55 price tag, others jokingly refer to it as the ‘full price.’ Keeping in line with the subreddit’s rules, we’ll continue our discussion in the appropriate channels. Overall, it seems that the enjoyment from the game is definitely a significant contributing factor to the value subjectivity, user preference, and economic elements like regional pricing. On that hilarious note, it’s your turn gamers, what’s your price for the new Modern Warfare 3? Is it worth the €55 markdown? Happy gaming!