Unleashing the Facts: Is Call of Duty’s BO2 Steam Version Safe in 2023?

Casting light on player concerns about the safety of Call of Duty’s BO2 multiplayer on Steam in 2023.

With a scale tipping towards a decade since its release, the beloved Call of Duty: Black Ops 2’s (BO2) safety on Steam has been questioned recently. One particular inquirer, Twin_Cabin, shares the fear, along with the joy and nostalgia associated with the game.


  • BO2’s safety in online multiplayer and Zombies is under scrutiny.
  • Many players cynically believe that the game isn’t safe.
  • Certain players divert their focus entirely on Zombies to avoid potential security risks.

The Fear Factor

Many players, like Twin_Cabin, wish to play BO2 but suffer from fear of falling prey to hackers in multiplayer mode. This fear has roots in the unsettling truth alleged by spazz12333: Any COD prior to 2015 is unsafe to play online. This comment is supported by a linked article for reference, and backed up by Elway09’s simple but powerful ‘No.’

The Nostalgia

Despite the fear, the nostalgic feels for BO2 is palpable as players fondly reminisce about the game which brought so much joy. Like our scared but affectionate inquirer, Twin_Cabin, who last played and loved the game in 2020. Amid the fear and nostalgia, the big question remains – to play or not to play BO2 in 2023?

Vocal Consent

Out of the unison of naysayers, rises a lone voice, xd3m0x_, who’s still playing the game but has limited himself to just the Zombies mode. So, there might be a tough choice to make.

In the end, the safety of BO2’s steam version is a hot topic amongst its community in 2023. While many players fear the safety risks, others cannot dismiss their love for the game that easy. The final decision of taking the risk or shooting some zombies in the safe zone lies with the players themselves, and not in the hands of any hack-trick boogie man.