Unexpected Fortnite Gameplay: Grenades, Manholes, and Mysteries!

Explore the roulette of mystery in Fortnite where grenades plunge through city manholes and much more!

In the ever adventurous and exciting world of Fortnite, there are always new quirks and gameplay elements that keep the experience fresh and engaging. Our spotlight today lands on a rather peculiar event – grenades slipping through the city manholes! Yes, you read that correctly.


  • A surprising interaction between grenades and sewer manholes in Fortnite observed and put under scrutiny.
  • Players speculate on the actual mechanics of this intriguing gameplay element
  • Suggestions are made about how this new finding can change normal gameplay strategies.
  • The Mystery Behind the Manhole

    The interaction of choice presented to us by ‘Darkmaster2110’ reveals an eyebrow-raising event: a grenade casually rolling into a manhole and seemingly following a player through the sewer systems. This sparks an interesting debate on the mechanics of the game. 70sTapes speculates that it could be a result of the characters’ model lingering underground during the sewer animation.

    Visuals and Glitches

    While the initial surprise had the Fortnite community buzzing, ‘Darkmaster2110’ took a closer inspection and suggested that he may have actually stuck the player with the grenade while the animation of the clinger glitched just as the player entered the manhole. His hypothesis, though not fully proven, does offer a valuable aspect to the conversation and ultimately warrants further testing.

    Unraveling the Red Circles

    Apart from the main feature of grenades’ mysterious behavior, another peculiar detail caught the attention of ‘Lord-J0K3R’. He pointed out the appearance of a red circle while the grenades were being tossed, adding another layer of intrigue to the mix. What’s the deal with the red circles? Are they related to the grenade-manhole mechanics, or a separate factor entirely? Only further gameplay will reveal.

    Despite the lack of a clear answer, this peculiar scenario serves as a fascinating reminder of the unexpected joy gamers regularly find in Fortnite. The game continually surprises us, keeping old players engaged and new players intrigued. So the next time you’re in Fortnite, be a little experimental and see if you can discover the next big revelation!