Unearthing the Mystery of the Unmarked Call of Duty MW3 Disc: Legit or Faux?

On a mission to unravel the truth of a suspicious MW3 disc – real deal or brilliant forgery? Let’s dive in!

A curious user going by Legosnewzelandman made a bewildering discovery while shopping at a favorite retro game store. He was handed an unusual disc of Call of Duty: MW3. The uniqueness lied in the disc’s most prominent feature, or lack thereof – a missing Xbox 360 logo. The curious gamer stayed on the safer side, deciding not to download the game until its authenticity was verified.


  • An apparent misprint aroused suspicions of a counterfeit MW3 disc.
  • The post generated a mixed bag of opinions from commenters.
  • The line between real and fake was blurred, as the authenticity still remains up for debate.

Public Opinion: As Diverse as a Bag of Skittles

Our adventurous hero’s post ignited a flurry of comments, casting a colorful array of opinions. One user, appropriately named Impossible-Weakness6, suggested a rather straightforward solution: “Looks real just try playing it”. Another user, Braidenlox-, assumed a more affirmative stance, confidently proclaiming, “Yeah It Is Real”.

A Single Dissenting Voice

Meanwhile, user mistersardine1 veered from the somewhat affirmative consensus, offering a simple yet contrary perspective: “It’s fake”.

The Diplomat Appears

Coming off as a diplomat, expontherise promised to upload a picture of an original copy for verification after work: “I have a copy at home i can snap a pic of and send you after work. I bought mine standing in line on release day so its a good copy for review”.

Such mystery, such drama! Will we ever learn if our hero’s disc is what it’s claimed to be? Not yet, at least! But let’s remember – even amid confusion and ambiguity, there’s always room for a good bit of fun and gaming camaraderie. Such is the beauty of the gaming community, where even a potentially counterfeit disc can spark laughter, bonding, and inclusive debates. We can’t wait for the next gaming conundrum to pop onto our screens.