Understanding the Crossplay Conundrum in Warzone

Join us as we delve into the ‘Crossplay’ debate in Warzone, as voiced by gamers on a popular online platform.

Warzone fanatics are voicing their views on the complicated subject of crossplay, more specifically deactivating this feature when playing on PC. A particular post caught our attention as it offered insights into why this topic is somewhat controversial among the community.


  • Many PC users are demanding the option to opt-out from Crossplay, desiring to match with only mouse and keyboard (MKB) players.
  • The sentiment leans slightly negatively due to perceived unfairness in gaming dynamics.
  • Some gamers argue about the inherent advantages endowed to PC users, providing a different perspective to the debate.

Unveiling the Gaming Dichotomy

At the heart of this dialogue, we see a longing for a more leveled playing field. ‘Freggel1995’ captures this sentiment well with his inquiry about filtering out controller players.

Understanding User Preferences

Some players argue they simply prefer the dynamic gameplay of MKB users. As quoted by ‘Dayday064’, even PC users can opt for controllers, implying that it’s more about personal choice rather than a simple platform debate.

The Perceived Advantage

Interestingly, user ‘rivierasamaxe’ holds a partially counter-argument, asserting that PC platforms already garner advantages thanks to adjustable sound settings, thus providing a whole new angle to the discussion.

In the end, it seems that the line between controller and MKB users remains blurred. The potential solution? Giving players the freedom to choose who they compete against within Warzone could be the answer that satisfies all.