Understanding Fortnite: The Intricacies of the Outlanders’ Pickaxe & Perks

Delving into pickaxe perks of Fortnite’s Outlanders. Unearthed from the gamers’ dialogues on their favourite subreddit.

In the vibrant world of Fortnite, there are numerous characters, or “heroes” you might say, which go by the name of “Outlanders”. They’re oddly known for their heavy pickaxe attacks among other things. Well, an interesting discussion sprouted in the realm of enthusiasts about the pickaxe and an associated perk named ‘Work, Work’.


  • The ‘Work, Work’ perk’s effect on the Outlander’s heavy attack pickaxe is a contentious topic.
  • The perk theoretically offers +17% damage increase to the pickaxe, but its applicability is under scrutiny.
  • Debate centers around whether the perk only enhances a regular pickaxe attack or also benefits a heavy attack.

The ‘Work, Work, Work’ Controversy

A wave of curiosity was noted among the users when a user (link)[newaccount1000000] asked: “Does Work, Work work for Outlanders heavy attack pickaxe?” followed by: “Do the pickaxe heavy attack get the +17% damage increase ‘Increases Pickaxe Damage by 17%’ from the Work, Work perk? Or does it only work for a normal pickaxe attack with left mouse button?”. The question welcomed interesting conjectures on the functionality of the mechanic.

In-depth Perk Analysis

A user (BiscuitBarrel179) clarified, paraphrasing, “The pick axe doesn’t have a heavy attack. If you are an Outlander and use the heavy attack with the pick axe equipped you activate the outlander class ability anti material charge (AMC).” This implies the focus of the perk might be solely on standard attacks, not the heavy ones, leading to speculations.

Perk Implication for Outlanders

So, it seems like the pickaxe heavy attack for Outlanders, instead of gaining a benefit from the ‘Work, Work’ perk, activates a class-specific ability. This nuance could potentially affect how players use Outlanders and their strategy during gameplay. Perks that once seemed beneficial may not hold the same charm if they don’t impact all types of attacks.

In a game as dynamic as Fortnite, understanding individual hero mechanics can be the difference between a good play and an excellent one. Speculating on game mechanics, like in the case of the Outlanders and their pickaxe perk, stirs the excitement and imparts a challenge to the Fortnite gaming community, and even more so for Outlanders aficionados.