Under Wraps: Exploring the Mystique of Genshin Impact Three-Star Weapons Yet to Make Their Debut

A deep dive into Genshin Impact rumors surrounding three unreleased 3-star weapons, accompanied by the community’s anticipations and wish-lists.

Our journey starts in the evergreen world of ‘Genshin Impact’, where the community is abuzz with speculation surrounding three unreleased 3-star weapons!


  • The community exhibits a clear desire for more diverse, lower-tier weapons
  • An evident longing for a weapon skin feature seems to be a popular talking point
  • Despite a lack of reviews, certain weapons have already been judged as potentially game-changing for specific characters

Weapon Wishlist

A user Glass-Window leaned towards a more inclusive weapon system, expressing a desire for new 3-star weapons with every new territory. Their sentiment reflects a large portion of the community who are starved for more variety in lower-tier weapons.

A sentiment echoed by Propensity7, who would love to see more viable 3-star equipment, even speculating a weapon with a potentially outlandish effect that could double Physical and Geo Damage. Wild idea or ground-breaking game mechanic? Only time will tell!

Weapon Skin Feature: More Than Just Weaponry

JadedIT_Tech took things a bit further, expressing an enthusiasm for a weapon skin system to glorify weaponry aesthetics. This yearning for a weapon-transmog system could transform the way players interact with their armament, taking engagement to a new level!

Three Unreleased Weapons: The Hype and The Anticipation

Diving deep into conjectures, user CherryCharcuterie speculates these hypothetical weapons could shift the meta, giving characters like Yanfei a new horizon of exploration. The exciting thing about these speculations? They could be the next big thing in an update drop!

Chiming in on the hype, Western-Gur-4637, the original poster, reiterated their enthusiasm for the potential release of these weapons.

Navigating through the rambling and yearnings of the energetic community of Genshin Impact, the weapons wrapped in shrouds of mystery, could be the future game-changer shooting stars or just another adds-on in the armory. Whatever the outcome, it’s clear that when it comes to addressing these eagerly-awaited weapons, the community is passionately locked, loaded, and ready to roll!