Under the Celestia Skies: Floating Questions in Genshin Impact World

Exploring questions surrounding the floating entity Celestia in the fan-favorite game, Genshin Impact.

In the dynamic world of Genshin Impact, players have recently noticed the ethereal and majestic Celestia, sparking a riveting discussion amongst them.


  • The floating entity, Celestia, has apparently been visible in the Genshin Impact game since its inception.
  • Players are curious about its purpose and potential implications for future game mechanics.
  • While some users joke about possible disasters, others are thrilled for potential updates involving Celestia.

A Persistent Presence: Celestia Through The Patches

As one user, dyka77, insightfully notes, ‘It has been there ever since the game began.‘ CrocoDIIIIIILE adds, “Always has been there. Like, since 3.0, when it got changed from a PNG to a 3D model.”

The Esthetics and Physics of Celestia

“The farther away you are from it, the bigger it looks, while the closer – the smaller.” This, posits Ugn3123, might account for some of the discrepancies in gamers’ perceptions of the Celestia. Inquiring minds, like DekuSenpai-WL8, even ask ‘Was someone able to calculate its height and how big it is?‘-

Celestia’s Potential Function

IMAGINE, Stiff_Rebar dares us, ‘pulling a “jade chamber” on us.” PhilledZone hypothesizes, “if it is gonna come down, it’s gonna be some kind of connection point between Mondstadt/Liyue and Fontaine” – giving rise to fascinating possibilities for game navigation.

Whether as an ominous harbinger of forthcoming calamity or an enchanting beacon of new adventures, Celestia has ensnared the curiosity of Genshin Impact’s fervent players. It’s reassuring to see the spirited interaction and theories concocted by such a dedicated fan base. Do bear in mind, advanced as Celestia’s technology might be, it’s not expected they’ve developed the capability to burn down servers – though El_men_sin_amor might argue otherwise. So, till the mysteries unravel themselves, let’s keep exploring and admiring the world of Teyvat under the majestic Celestia.