Uncovered: Bizarre Fortnite Multi-Billion Item Drop Bug

Glitches in Fortnite causing creative players to drop notable loot? Here’s the surprising scoop!

Fortnite, the much-loved and ever-captivating game, is back in the limelight, but this time for a peculiar reason. A mysterious glitch was reported on a subreddit where the player dropped ‘3 cluster clingers’ in the creative mode and it yielded a whopping 2.1 billion items! And no, we’re certainly not kidding!


  • A Fortnite player, ‘Useful_Sample3079’, reported the incident where they dropped 3 clingers and it resulted in 2.1 billion items within the game.
  • Interestingly, the anomalous occurrence seemed to be a one-off as the same player attempted to repeat it without any success.
  • Other players reported similar ‘billion item’ experiences, making this a potentially wide-ranging glitch within Fortnite’s creative mode.

The incident and the community response

Our Fortnite player Useful_Sample3079 dropped a post ecco profound surprise and humor about the astonishing number of items received from a cluster clinger drop. This fun fact, however, was a one-timer, not replicating despite further attempts.

Similar experiences from other players

Nathandamsteeg too had his moment under the Fortnite spotlight, revealing his encounter with the same ‘billion item’ drop after eliminating an opponent in a Battle Royale game. It’s interesting to see that this isn’t an isolated incident.

The bot comes to the rescue

Fear not, Fortnite nation- the AutoModerator-bot jumps into action and suggests a list of detailed questions to help Epic Games understand & tackle these buggy dynamics.

Extra: Spicing things up

On a lighter note, a few players managed to maintain humor in these strange circumstances. Ghz3, for instance, humorously voiced how he for a fleeting moment thought weapons had glitched into creative.

As the Fortnite community delves into the depths of this glitch, and other similar ones, it will be interesting to see how it all unfolds. Glitch or feature, it’s an adventurous ride for every Fortnite player out there, each billion-item drop at a time.