Unboxing Fortnite Users’ Thoughts on the Latest UI Changes

Uncovering the mysteries of Fortnite’s new user interface. Find out what players really think!

A notable outcry from the Fortnite gaming community has emerged around the recent changes to the game’s user interface (UI), specifically targeting the locker design revamp. Based on several player comments, it can be inferred that the general sentiment seems negatively slanted, with users expressing frustration, confusion, and dissatisfaction.


  • The new UI has created a sense of disorientation among users.
  • The concern betray an issue with the functionality of the new design.
  • Many are nostalgic for the previous locker interface.
  • Despite these criticisms, the potential for improvement still exists with future updates.

Woes of the Gamers

User Disturbing-_-Stuff pointed out difficulties changing edit styles, saying it was ‘annoying’ and mourning the obscured visibility of skin rarities. Almisami proffered a scathing critique of the changes, labeling them as ‘the single worst thing’ Epic Games has done to the UI, comparing it to the mishandled updates on the ‘Save The World’ mode.

The Fallout

The changes echo a ripple effect, leading gamers to perform unnecessary tasks in-game. User IareTyler alluded towards the progressively deteriorating changes made to the UI, while KindaNapoleon ruminated on the fragmented cosmetic system causing hindrances to equipping emote sets with ease.

A Hope for Improvement

Sarcasism conveyed her frustrations with the tedious new tab system, beseeching a reversal of the changes, calling them ‘horrible’. Counter-intuitive as the changes may be, the gaming community remains hopeful, echoing a need for simplification and more user-friendly design elements that the developers may take under advisement for future updates.

Though the current sentiment leans towards the negative, it’s crucial to remember that change — once it becomes routine, becomes easier to handle. Keep those heads up, gamers! One wonky locker update can’t keep the Fortnite community down!